20 Modern Kitchen Ideas for a Beautiful, Streamlined Space


At any given time, there’s a confluence of design approaches considered en vogue. For example, when it comes to designing kitchens, there’s currently an equal mix of color-saturated maximalism and hyper-minimalism, while farmhouse-inspired designs and kitchens that take their cue from the French countryside are also prized. 

Modern kitchens—with their sleek lines, natural sunlight, and neutral color palettes—are also coveted and are arguably one of the most timeless design approaches you can take. That’s precisely where we’re aiming our focus today. Whether you’re considering a complete remodel or seeking inventive ways to modernize your space, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite modern kitchen designs to inspire you.

Curved Seating Nook and Tiny Island

PJC Architecture, Bjorg Magnea Photography

When the square footage isn’t high, it’s time to get creative with your seating situation. In this modern kitchen by PJC Architecture, the island is carved down to a smart size for the space and the back corner neatly fits a curved nook for easy dining.

Playful Mosaic Backsplash

Abby Hetherington Interiors

A color family of beige, brown, and oatmeal-cream set the stage for this stunning modern kitchen by Abby Hetherington Interiors. (Note that even the fridge is hidden away behind wooden doors, which is a brilliant way to streamline and modernize a kitchen.) Those same tones are woven into a playful mosaic backsplash comprised of hexagonal tiles.

Modern With Natural Materials

L A R K + P A L M, Christopher Stark

White is a large part of the color story in this L A R K + P A L M modern kitchen design. What helps set it apart is a fresh, midcentury-inspired island—with lots of space underneath—that doubles as a high-top table. The black-and-white bamboo nods to a laid-back coastal vibe, while blue sconces infuse a touch of color.

Black Marble and Dark Wood

Blueberry Jones Design, Avery Nicole Photography

When we think of modern kitchens, our minds often go straight to a classic white color scheme. However, this striking kitchen by Blueberry Jones Design takes the opposite approach by utilizing black everywhere. Inky cabinetry and black marble are balanced with shimmers of chrome details and a handsome wooden island.

Open Shelving

Collected Interiors, Nicole Dianne Photography

You’ve got plenty of options for cabinetry in modern kitchens, including open shelving. While having everything on display might not be for everyone, it can be great for showing off favorite items or storing things you reach for frequently. Pictured in this design by Collected Interiors, the open shelving leverages vertical wall space and serves as a place to store both decor and kitchen necessities.

Marble and Pale Wood

Sarah Jefferys Architecture, Morten Smidt

There’s a dose of modern Scandinavian influence in this kitchen design by Sarah Jefferys Architecture. Pale wood tones cover the walls, ceiling, and floor, while natural light floods the space via large windows and sliding glass doors. A luxurious marble island serves as a grounding focal point in the space, while a hint of whimsy is infused via mustard yellow chairs and ketchup-colored pendants.

Blue and Breezy

Cm Natural Designs, Laura Resen

For an elegant yet playful kitchen aesthetic, borrow some ideas from this beautiful space dreamed up by CM Natural Design. Fun patterns infuse a healthy dose of texture, while pale blue cabinetry, rattan pendant lights, and a restaurant-esque bench, table, and chairs make for an especially inviting dining area.

Urban Sophistication

PJC Architecture, Bjorg Magnea Photography

If ultra minimalism with an urban twist is more your speed, consider taking inspiration from this city kitchen dreamed up by PJC Architecture. Clean vertical lines streamline the space, while large windows make for sweeping skyline views. Scattered starburst lighting adds a touch of magic and warmth.

Colorful Pops

Avery Cox Design, Lindsay Brown Photography

This modern kitchen by Avery Cox Design leans into mid-century vibes via funky olive green pendant lights, a square-tile backsplash in contrasting black and white, and comfortable seating. An extra pop of color via a bright yellow door instantly makes the space feel cheerful.

Black, White, and Wood

ATX Interior Design, Madeline Harper Photography

When in doubt, lean into a black, white, and wood color scheme for your modern kitchen. Here, ATX Interior Design creates beautiful contrast with a black island underside (complete with sleek black chairs), white cabinetry and backsplash, and wooden floors and shelving. Airy rattan pendants help soften the space.

Marble Backsplash and Glass Cabinets

Nina Jizhar, Margaret Austin Photography

A similar white, black, and wood approach is utilized in Nina Jizhar’s modern kitchen design here. The black is more subtle, though, as it’s incorporated via veining in the marble backsplash, bar stool legs, and glass cabinetry.

All-White and Cool

Meredith Marlow Interiors, Emilio Collavino Photography

While some are moving away from all-white kitchens, the monochromatic look will likely always have a place in modern design. This breezy space by Meredith Marlow Interiors makes white the central force but infuses texture through soft veining on the backsplash and island, a silver range hood, crystal light fixtures, and blue accents.

Window Seating

Mendelson Group, Eric Piasecki Photography

No doubt you’re familiar with cozy kitchen nooks and bar stools at the counter, but how often do you see seating right at the window? This kitchen by Mendelson Group makes good use of space by creating an extra space for eating, sipping coffee, or working. Note the cool blue tones and contrasting green abstract art.

Gray and Light Wood

Shelley Cekirge Interiors, Kirsten Francis Photo

An air of glamorous sophistication courses through this beautiful kitchen created by Shelley Cekirge Interiors. Cool gray and light wood offer subtle contrast, while angular glass pendant lights almost feel like jewelry dripping from the ceiling.

Double Island

Blueberry Jones Design, Avery Nicole Photography

If space allows, incorporate a double island in your kitchen, as pictured in this modern space by Blueberry Jones Design. It maximizes your working surface area, allows for more storage, and offers another place to sit.

Extra Long Island

Design Alchemy

As an alternative to a double island, consider filling your kitchen with an extra-long island. There’s plenty of room for seating and working in this modern kitchen by Design Alchemy. Note the rounded white pendant lights with a gold interior, tall wooden cabinetry, and gorgeous marble backsplash with beige veining.

Rich Blue Cabinetry

Bakes & Kropp, Genevieve Garruppo

For an infusion of color, take your inspiration from this beautiful modern kitchen featuring blue upper and lower cabinetry. A marble backsplash with swirls of blue veining—and carefully placed blue pottery—helps create a real feeling of intentional color design.

Silver Details

Bakes & Kropp

Often in modern kitchens we see natural textures and tones utilized. If you like that style but are craving a little more pizzazz, consider pairing white and pale wood tones with a silver backsplash that catches the light. The white and silver bar stools, chrome faucet, and silver cabinet handles pull it all together.

Leather and Sage

Cedar & Oak, Lindsay Brown Photography

If splashy colors aren’t really what you’re aiming for, but all-neutral isn’t quite it, either, opt for a color that feels extra earthy. Here, Cedar & Oak adds subtle color by painting the underside of the island a soft sage green. Leather lends a handsome touch, while black and white details anchor the space.

Monochromatic Minimalism


Cozy warmth oozes from this incredible modern kitchen designed by San Francisco-based BalloonSTUDIO. The same milky wooden tones are utilized from floor to ceiling to wall and island, and it even blends into the living room space.


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