20 Kitchen Trends for 2024 That Set the Tone for Living Now |


There’s something special happening in kitchen design right now, and it’s exciting. Where kitchen trends had once felt like they were only heading in the direction of sprawling, architectural, open concept spaces, there’s been a slight turn in favor to schemes that feel more intimate, welcoming and decorative.

‘The kitchens of 2024 will feel like another extension of the home; like a room, an additional living space within the house rather than a utilitarian place to prepare food in,’ says interior designer Joy Moyler. ‘This will see more refined materials, art, and antiques, move into the space as it becomes less focused on pure function.’

No matter your style preferences, it’s a time to challenge the status quo of the modern kitchen and I’ve curated 21 of my very favorite of the latest kitchen trends for this year so far — trust me, this list could be far longer, but these are the essentials I think you need to know now. Having worked for years as a specialist journalist in kitchen design, I’ve seen plenty of trends come and go — I think these ones won’t be a flash in the pan, and they talk to a wider shift in how we’re designing these workhorse spaces.


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