White Kitchen Ideas: 27 AD-Approved Projects


A white kitchen is like a white plate: a warm, welcoming backdrop that makes everything appear a little more delicious. Still, there are ways to do them right—it’s not just picking out the cream-colored option in everything from cabinets to paint colors. When handled incorrectly, white kitchens can feel a bit sterile, so textural layers become key to infuse warmth and personality into the room. Of course, interior design style also plays a big role in the many white kitchen routes one can take. In a modern home, a cool hue with lacquered white cabinets and stainless-steel fixtures could make a clean statement, and the traditionalist may opt for rustic wood ceiling beams, walnut floors, and copper pots hung from a ceiling rack.

Whatever you’re craving when it comes to white kitchen ideas, these examples prove the enduring versatility of the classic white kitchen. In the following article, find inspiration from 27 AD-approved projects and get expert advice on white kitchen execution from interior designers across the country.

Is a white kitchen a good idea?

When you’re going through a remodel, decisions about high ticket items, like kitchens, can be paralyzing for homeowners. “White kitchens are classic, and I think they are still lovely and current,” says Gainesville, Georgia–based interior designer Maggie Griffin. Still, some designers—like Minneapolis designer Emily Anderson of O’Hara Interiors—note that the all-white kitchen may feel sterile and lack coziness. “Adding color, texture, and wood tones helps to make it feel more inviting to all,” Anderson says, a move that works well in a small kitchen in the city or a modern farmhouse. “Nowadays, there has to be some sort of contrasting cabinet, a painted island, or [some] white oak.” Ultimately, like most things in interior design, the decision should come down to personal taste.

Are white kitchens still in style in 2024?

White kitchen designs can definitely be in style in 2024—especially if you make them as personal as a secret family recipe. “While the kitchen is a shared gathering space, it’s still a place where you can express your individuality,” Anderson says. “So for 2024 I expect a mix of white and something else…. For example, earthy/pastel green is popular right now. Blues are often seen as another ‘neutral,’ and green and taupe are trending this way too because they have a cozy ‘hygge’ feeling.”

Can I have an all-white kitchen?

You can have whatever your heart desires, of course, but we do recommend perusing white kitchen designs until you find something that you’ll like for a significant chunk of time. Revamping a cookspace is not cheap, so you’ll want to invest in something relatively classic. “White kitchens are renowned for their clean and space-enhancing effect; however, if styled incorrectly they can often give off a more clinical feel,” says Jen Nash, head of design at Magnet Kitchens. “To combat this, it’s a good idea to complement the color with natural woods, marble accents, and some colorful accessories to make the room feel more inviting and timeless.”

How do you modernize an all-white kitchen?

There are as many ways to modernize an all-white kitchen as there are spices in the spice aisle. Employing a pop of color with unexpected cabinet knobs, a gleaming faucet, or textural touches—such as rattan woven pendant light or antique painting—can supply a note of Instagrammable cool factor. Or consider painting or installing one element of the kitchen in a saturated hue. “If you have an island, it’s easy to modernize a white kitchen,” Anderson says. “You can paint the island a different color or you can add more color with your backsplash, counters, fridges, freezers, fabrics, and other soft finishes. You can pull in more color and coziness if not everything is white.”


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