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After 20 years in the business, Max Hoogveld knows how important coordination and communication are when turning your outdoor dreams into reality.

It is why his Kelowna business is named Synergy Landscape Design, and it is why that philosophy has proven to be a winner in the industry.

“A good design is a collaboration of a lot of elements or ideas,” Hoogveld says. “It’s about understanding what the client wants—what they want to use the yard for and what their needs are.”

Synergy Landscape Design is celebrating its 20th year in 2024, having grown to more than 15 employees, owning the latest equipment needed for its installation and maintenance divisions, and launching a brand new website. Synergy has clearly emerged as a name you can trust in the Okanagan.

Hoogveld and his team offer a comprehensive range of services, and you can be certain they will be on your side from concept to completion. Whether it’s consulting on uncertain backyard plans, implementing hardscapes or coordinating with pool companies, Synergy will work with you to come up with the ideal plan. For tasks outside their expertise, they collaborate with trusted subcontractors to ensure the project’s success.

“When we actually start a project, we pull up on site with all our equipment,” Hoogveld says. “From the moment we stick a shovel in the ground to the moment we’re taking our machinery away and sweeping your driveway and road, we’re there from the beginning to end ninety-nine percent of the time.

“We’re not a trade that comes in and then leaves for a week and then comes back and leaves again for two weeks.”

Hoogveld says his parents passed on their love of the outdoors to him, and he recalls having a passion for gardening when he was a youngster. He didn’t even mind picking weeds. He went to school for horticulture and landscape design, and stays ahead on all the latest innovations when it comes to creating your favourite outdoor space. Whether it’s patios, retaining walls, woodwork like pergolas or fencing, lighting, or irrigation, Synergy has the answer.

“We do design. We do installation. We do maintenance,” Hoogveld says. “So when your design and install project is completed, we can follow up with our maintenance team to maintain it and help it realize what the initial vision was.

“With our maintenance division, we make sure the crew are educated in horticulture, and know gardening and plants. So when we come to your yard, everyone knows what they’re doing. They’re not just mowing the grass and leaving.

“My guys and gals are great. They’re just good people.”

If you are hoping to do a massive backyard renovation ready for this summer, it might be a little too late, but it can still be completed this year. No matter what you are thinking, you just need to give Synergy a call at 250-862-6167 or visit Synergy Landscape Design, which is full of pictures of some of Synergy’s best work and video testimonials.

“Our core focus is building relationships and creating a lifestyle,” Hoogveld said. “We hope in the future we are able to help you create your outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy. Thank you all for all those who have supported Synergy Landscape Design over the last 20 years, either as a customer or as an employee. Without your support I would not be able to do what I love to do—landscape.”

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