Golden Elite Deco Brings Top Bathroom Vanities & Flooring Solutions to Four New Montreal Stores


Golden Elite Deco is adjusting its product range of bathroom vanities and flooring solutions in Montreal for the 2024 season.

QUEBEC, CANADA / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2024 / Golden Elite Deco, a home renovation products provider, has made changes to its range of bathroom vanities and flooring solutions for the 2024 season in Montreal. This adjustment aims to address home improvement needs in the local market.

The change by Golden Elite Deco affects its bathroom vanities. Customers visiting the bathroom vanity store can find styles and materials for interior design preferences. The service covers aspects of bathroom needs, from newer to older aesthetics, providing choices for room sizes and layouts.

Golden Elite Deco’s team considers home improvement trends. Their approach involves looking at aspects of each product. The team reviews industry developments to inform their product choices.

Daniel Barg, Marketing Specialist of Golden Elite Deco, commented on the change: “We aim to offer Montreal residents choices for their home renovation projects. Our team considers product aspects and customer needs. We believe in providing items that align with home design trends.”

One aspect of the change is the revision of product lines as trends emerge. Factors such as material changes, design shifts, or environmental considerations can impact product choices. The Golden Elite Deco team observes these changes and adjusts its offerings. This process helps ensure that the available products reflect market preferences.

In addition to bathroom products, the company offers flooring. The flooring store allows customers to look at materials and styles for their home improvement projects. The items include choices for areas of the home, from busy zones to damp spaces.

Customers can see the products at four locations in Montreal. The store arrangements help customers find products or look at choices. Each location has areas that show how products might look in a home setting.

As home renovation interest continues, providers like Golden Elite Deco may influence how homeowners approach their projects. By offering products and advice, such services can help customers with their renovation results. The company’s staff members can discuss product aspects and setup considerations with customers.

The company notes that its product range is one resource among many that customers can use when thinking about their home improvement projects. They suggest customers research and compare choices to find solutions that fit their needs.

For plans, Golden Elite Deco intends to continue adjusting its product range. Future changes may include SPC flooring. There are also plans to add home renovation information, possibly including guides on how to measure spaces for new vanities or flooring.

As the 2024 renovation season nears, this product change shows how market needs and design trends affect home improvement. It presents choices for those wanting to change their homes, whether planning a large renovation or a small change.

The company also mentions the importance of professional setup for many of their products. While they don’t provide setup services directly, they can share information on proper setup techniques and considerations.

About Golden Elite Deco

Started in 2004, Golden Elite Deco provides home renovation products and solutions. The company focuses on bathroom vanities and flooring. With time in the retail business, Golden Elite Deco’s team includes employees at retail stores and distribution centres, looking at aspects of home renovation needs and trends. The company aims to stay aware of industry changes and customer preferences to guide their product offerings.

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Name: Daniel Barg
Company: Golden Elite Deco
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Address: 88 boul. Brunswick, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada, H9B2C5
Phone Number: 514-684-4209

SOURCE: Golden Elite Deco


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