7 Virtual Landscape Design Services for a Beautiful Yard


Yards don’t often get a lot of redesign and renovation love—they’re usually last on the list of home improvement projects. But if your summer vacation plans are looking a lot more like staycation plans, it might be worth splurging on a little professional help to get some landscape design ideas to turn your outdoor space—small or large—into an oasis.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to access solid landscape and hardscape design help. Several virtual design sites now offer detailed, individualized plans on how to put together a gorgeous outdoor space in your front or backyard without blowing your budget. Try one of these landscape design services to help you plan your dream outdoor space.


Pros: 6 week end-to-end design process, 3D Renderings, and 1 round of design revisions

Cons: Costs more than other services on this list

The designers behind Yardzen take you through a style quiz (including your intended plans for the space and what you don’t like about it now). Packages start at $1149 for garden designs with the help of an expert horticulturist—including one revision of the work—and they’ll connect you with vetted local contractors who can help make it happen. (Packages get pricier if you want help with hardscape suggestions or have a larger yard.)

Once you book, you’ll provide a video, measurements of the space, your budget, and your priorities. Then, your expert will design your ideal plan and send over 3D renderings, plant lists, and full CAD designs to help your contractor finalize the look you want.

Tilly Design

Pros: Includes a one-on-one chat with a landscape designer, full-color scaled plan of project area, and list of plant materials

Cons: Requires a property survey for properties larger than 1 acre

Tilly Design offers a menu of different landscape and hardscape design options depending on your needs—and a DIY-friendly output. In every package, you receive a half-hour consultation (plus two follow-up emails) with a design expert to help you tackle a small problem, like an overgrown backyard area or tips on how to prune a tree.

The “The Back” package starts with a video consultation to discuss the project. Then, the designer gets to work creating a scaled plan for your backyard design, including a complete list of all the plants and products that you need, plus detailed information on how to install and care for your new backyard. An extra fee buys you a lighting plan. (And if you just want an idea of your garden style, their style quiz helps you determine if you’re cool and contemporary or charming cottage.)

Home Outside

Pros: More affordable than most options and includes a DIY option

Cons: No flat-fee design packages offered

Home Outside takes your goals and backyard design ideas and translates them into a full-blown plan. You can start with a garden coaching session if you just want to run some ideas by an expert or get your full backyard design crafted by them.

If you’re comfortable DIYing your space, their app allows you to plot out your landscape ideas before you start building.


Pros: Includes a one-on-one chat with a landscape designer, full-color scaled plan of the project area, and a list of plant materials

Cons: No hardscaping services offered

ShrubHub utilizes the beauty of plants to spruce up any outdoor area of your home. Whether it’s your front yard, backyard, or both, this company will curate the best selection of trees and flowers to improve your space.

By purchasing one of their packages, you’ll receive a 3D landscape design based on your preferred style of yard, a one-on-one phone consultation to discuss your goals, and a list of the exact plants, trees, and decor they used in the design, which are all available for purchase through ShrubHub’s online nursery.

They will also provide contractor installation quotes based on the top contractors in your area. And don’t worry about having to run back and forth to several stores to pick up your materials—the company will deliver everything straight to your door.


Pros: Includes 2 one-on-one chats with a landscape designer, a planting plan, a material list, and 2D CAD plans

Cons: No 3D renderings in the classic package

Whether you’re just looking to put some final touches on your backyard or have dreams of installing a patio, Bacqyard offers three packages that’ll be well-suited for your needs. With the classic package, you’ll receive two designer calls, a 2D CAD plan (with a round of revisions), a planting and hardscape plan, a material list, and landscape lighting.

After selecting your package, you hop on the phone with a designer, send in photos of your yard, and discuss what you envision for your ideal space. The designer will create a plan and revise it if necessary. Once you sign off on the design, the company will send over all the necessary documents to best prepare your contractor for the project.

Home Designs AI

Pros: Affordable landscape design option, fast image rendering, and an unlimited number of designs

Cons: No human designers involved

If you need help deciding what patio furniture you want to use to make the most of your space, the interior and landscaping design site Home Designs AI may be the right destination for you. It’s a web-based app that uses artificial intelligence to instantly transform your space using images you upload of your home.

The process is as easy as uploading an image of your desired renovation area and then inputting your preferences, constraints, and ideal style. In as little as 30 seconds, the app will generate an image of a renovated home based on your criteria, and if you don’t like it, you can regenerate a different design as many times as you’d like.

Home Stores

If your landscaping looks OK, but your patio is bare, many home stores—including West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate + Barrel, Ballard Designs, and Design Within Reach—offer free design consultations.

The designers can give you a quick design tip via chat or help you plot out your whole patio design with a virtual consultation—with no pressure to buy.


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