6 Outdoor Living Trends for 2024


As outdoor entertaining season approaches, consider giving your space a refresh. Whether you have a small patio space or a full backyard kitchen area fit for large dinner parties, outdoor living experts suggest keeping these outdoor living trends top of mind.

Luxury additions and upgrades are on the rise, and designers and homeowners are approaching outdoor spaces with the same care as interior design. “I am seeing a big movement towards truly putting as much care and effort into the design of outdoor living spaces as indoor ones,” says Kathy Kuo of Kathy Kuo Home. “Creating an outdoor space that feels cohesive, beautiful, and comfortable is about so much more than setting some nice chairs out on your deck.” 

As a result, the expectations we have about outdoor furnishings are also increasing. “Design-minded customers appreciate beautiful, timeless, and functional pieces that will stand the test of time in addition to the elements,” says Jenon Bailie, merchandising and design director at Room & Board. “There is a desire for not only great design, but for choice, quality, and durability.”

These six trends range from simple style choices and practical shopping advice, to significant architectural features meant to increase the design, quality, and luxury of your outdoor living areas.

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1. High-Quality Investment Pieces 

“The importance of nature and time spent outdoors has really risen to the forefront in recent years, as has the importance of investing in timeless, high-quality pieces over disposable, trendy ones,” Kuo says. She explains designers and homeowners are looking for outdoor furnishings that they can expect to enjoy for years to come, “both on an aesthetic level as well as a comfort and joyfulness level.”

Much like spending time and money on finding just the right sofa or dining table for inside your home, Kuo says a lot of this trend is about doing your research and understanding what constitutes a high-quality piece of outdoor furniture that you can expect to last. “Look for materials like teak wood, powder-coated aluminum, concrete, and premium wicker and rattan, and also take the climate conditions in your area into consideration when shopping as well,” Kuo says. Bailie adds that sustainability is another significant factor in the design industry, influencing how we shop and select furnishings.

2. Smart Home Features for Outdoor Rooms

As outdoor spaces are being integrated into whole-home living considerations, Dominique Coffman, vice president of design at Design West, says lighting and smart home features are trending for outdoor spaces. These elements visually connect indoors and outdoors for a more congruous look, but they also offer consistent functionality. 

“They create a cohesive living space throughout the home by being able to control audio and lighting throughout the day into night,” Coffman says. Your outdoor activities aren’t strictly limited by time of day or access to a TV, for example—if the outdoors are wired for smart home features, you have more flexibility in when and how you use the spaces. For example, entertainment walls are rising in popularity as homeowners spend more time in their outdoor spaces. “It also provides enhanced security by including outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and smart locks,” she says. 

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3. Continuity in Design Elements, Both Inside and Out

Bailie suggests that whether it’s a small patio or an expansive exterior entertaining area, a consistent use of color, pattern, and material will visually bring together your home’s interior and exterior design. “Having a continuity of material connects the indoors to the outdoors,” she says, and this year we expect to see that continuity becoming stronger.

But we’re not seeing this continuity solely through simple decorating selections. According to Cosentino’s 2024 trend report, surfaces will be playing a key role in bridging interior and exterior spaces. “We’ve seen a growing number of homeowners seeking surfaces that can withstand outdoor elements, while providing an elevated, cohesive look to their interior design choices,” says Elizabeth Ramos, marketing director at Cosentino Americas. Sintered stone, like their product Dekton, is already being used to clad surfaces inside the home and now it’s being applied to exterior pavers, facades, patios, and even fire pits, Ramos says. 

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4. Luxury Upgrades

Luxury upgrades are also on the minds of many designers and homeowners, according to Cosentino’s 2024 trends report.  These projects not only increase the comfort and usability of outdoor areas, but they add to the property value, too. Top upgrades identified include fire features as well as bars and entertaining spaces. Outdoor kitchens are another big project that continues to hold interest. If you’re looking for luxury inspiration, Cosentino’s report also noted the rise in hospitality-inspired design elements, especially walk-out patios and indoor-outdoor fireplaces. 

5. Folding Walls for Truly Connected Spaces

Taking cues from architectural design in areas with good weather all year, Coffman says folding walls are a home upgrade feature standing out for outdoor living today. “Create a seamless transition between indoor-outdoor living through NanaWalls,” she says. When closed, these folding glass panels still offer a visual connection to the outdoors, but when opened, an interior living space–such as a kitchen, dining room, or living room–expands to visually and physically include an outdoor component. “This allows for both the indoors and outdoors to serve as a multifunctional space for dining, lounging, and entertaining,” she says.

Coffman explains the right furniture selections can take these indoor-outdoor spaces to the next level. “We recommend choosing versatile furniture pieces such as sectional sofas with modular components that can easily be arranged to accommodate different activities,” she says.

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6. Added Greenery for Living Energy

According to Joey Conicella, president at Soco Interiors, it’s not just about making your outdoor living spaces an extension of indoors, but about embracing the nature that beyond your home’s walls. “Think lush and layered plants, living garden spaces, and green and natural accents,” he says.

While biophilic trends have been big in interior design in recent years, Conicella reminds us to apply that to outdoor living as well–it’s not just enough to be outside. “Does it feel alive?” is a leading question Conicella suggests asking yourself. “If you need to breathe some life into your space, try adding more live plants at various heights and sizes, and different shades of green,” he says. “It will instantly be a way to refresh the space and be on trend.” 

Inside or out, a living wall might be just the thing for adding privacy and doses of greenery—and it is another example of the hotel-inspired trends in outdoor living.


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