36 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love in 2024


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lake flato san antonio housepinterest
Douglas Friedman

Rooftop Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen counter in blue with yellow flowers in a white vase atop it and the manhattan skyline in the background
Nicholas Calcott

David Rockwell’s spectacular roof terrace may boast one of the best outdoor kitchens we’ve seen, with cabinetry by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, customized with a blue lava stone top. Lush plantings create separate zones for a lounge, dining table, and—yes—a hot tub.

So how did Rockwell achieve this level of alfresco flawlessness ? “I took my own advice!” he says. “I wanted a place that felt magical day and night, alone or with company. My apartment is above the High Line, and my terrace allows me to still be a part of the city and the urban fabric as well as apart from it. I get a reprieve from the hustle and bustle while still being able to ground myself in my neighborhood.”


Petite Grilling Zone

lake flato san antonio house
Douglas Friedman

Even the smallest of backyards can still accommodate a red-hot cooking space. Here, on the terrace of a San Antonio home designed by Lake | Flato, a dedicated outdoor shelving unit facilitates a Primo ceramic grill, vessels, and a cactus. A viny pergola and plenty of potted plants further delineate the space for a look that’s made in the shade.


Party-Ready Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen with cast iron skillets hanging on rustic wood wall, sink and counter with produce on top and cabinets below, set dining table with bright striped cloth and flowers, wood chairs with patterned seat cushions
Roger Davies

Designers Eric Hughes and Nathan Turner transformed their gazebo into a full-blown party paradise, complete with an outdoor kitchen, an antique chandelier, and a dining table. It’s the sweet details, though, that really make this outdoor kitchen stand out, from the festive striped tablecloth to the undersink skirt to the cactus paddles nailed to the wall. Talk about California dreamy!

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Airy Outdoor Kitchen

carlos couturier mexico retreat
Undine Pröhl

In this rural Mexican retreat, the kitchen takes it inspiration from traditional open-air cooking spaces. The star is the kitchen island, which has a volcanic stone base and is topped with a thick butcher block. The sink area, meanwhile, is clad in pure white Portuguese tiles. All in all, this look is the perfect combo of brawn and beauty!


Tiled Outdoor Kitchen

kitchen tile backsplash ideas
Chad Mellon

Pretty tile backsplashes aren’t only for your indoor cooking spaces, as this grilling getup proves. Shannon McLaren Wilkins completely transformed this spec house in Newport Beach, California, into an entertainer’s paradise with an L-shaped bank of cabinets and a killer outdoor range. And don’t forget to style your countertops; here, McLaren Wilkins incorporated terra-cotta pots to tone down some of the space’s more hard-working qualities.


Decked-Out Deck

a garden terrace in new york city
Joshua McHugh

While tricked-out grills can help you achieve the juiciest of burgers, they’re often hulking and have the potential to dominate your otherwise chic patio. Behold a masterclass in blending in, courtesy Stephen Eich of Hollander Design and designer Heather Wells. On this terrace, you barely notice the cooker, thanks to a similarly scaled banquette and tons of plants. Here, Eich incorporated colorful shrubs, herbs, and trees like lavender, Agastache, and sedum.

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Industrial-Chic Outdoor Kitchen

jesse parrislamb industrial house
Nicole Franzen

This beach house was designed to look like an Industrial Revolution–era factory. But there’s nothing Dickensian about this sprawling backyard dining haven. Architect Andrew Bartolotta teamed up with interior designers Amanda Jesse and Whitney Parris-Lamb on this series of concrete terraces, which features a professional-grade outdoor kitchen in the back, complete with its own wood-fired pizza oven. “Our client loves to host large groups of people for as many seasons as possible in Connecticut, so of course they had a firepit designed,” adds Parris-Lamb.


Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen

a covered outdoor kitchen is next to a zero edge pool with a large deck and four white lounge chairs that have back wheels, beyond the pool is grass, shrubs and trees, and a rocky mountain
Douglas Friedman

If you live in an area as stunning as this, the last thing you’d want is the outdoor kitchen to create any visual distraction. Here, in the pool terrace of a California desert retreat, designer Nicole Hollis discreetly tucked the cooking away beneath a shaded overhang. Because why make a splash when the view is this good?


Tuscan Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor tuscan kitchen , montevettolini , italy
Jupiterimages//Getty Images

Still starry-eyed from your trip to Tuscany? Bring those rustic, sun-soaked vibes home by designing your outdoor kitchen to emulate the real thing. Here, a perfectly worn-in, marble-topped island anchors the space and is accessorized with antique cooking implements, baskets, and—of course—cases of dried herbs. All that’s missing in this scene is you.

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Appliance-Packed Outdoor Kitchen

mel bean
Laurey Glenn

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make while you design your outdoor kitchen is which appliances you’ll want to add to your space. Fortunately, unlike a traditional kitchen, there are no wrong answers. While some dwellers might keep it simple with a grill, designer Mel Bean added the works, like a beverage fridge, to the mix.


Pergola-Shaded Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchens
getty images

Deborah Krasner, author of The New Outdoor Kitchen, advises budgeting for your outdoor space according to what’s most important to you. It may be best to invest in the setting (like a patio or decking) if you’re planning to stay in your house for the long haul, and start with modest cooking equipment and appliances that can be upgraded over time. If you think you may move, buy the equipment of your dreams in portable form so you can take it with you.


Plant-Filled Outdoor Kitchen

hearth homes
Erin Feinblatt

Though you may not accessorize your outdoor kitchen with paintings and wall tapestries, foliage is still on the table. Santa Barbara-based Hearth Homes Interiors lined the wall of this open, airy eating space with vining plants—adding a hint of texture and adding some cozy warmth to the sleek space in the process.

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Textured Outdoor Kitchen

mark langos
Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

Selecting the perfect palette for your outdoor kitchen? Black and white might be an unbeatable color combination—not to mention it can really make the surrounding greenery pop—but it doesn’t have to be one-note. A variety of textures in this space from Design West—such as the dimensional backsplash and wooden oven hood—keep this outdoor kitchen from looking sterile.


Marble-Topped Bar

studio kt kitchen
Studio KT

Avid hosts who are planning to spend the majority of their time grilling for their family and friends will need plenty of meal-prepping space. So why not make it double-duty? Kara Thomas of Studio KT added a lengthy island that’s suitable for cooking and entertaining. (The marbled finish on the countertops racks up some major style points too.)


Weathered Wood Outdoor Kitchen

margaret donaldson kitchen
Julia Lynn

As this outdoor kitchen from Margaret Donaldson proves, the devil is in the details. Case in point: The oven hood that hangs above her client’s grill. Not only does this addition offer a stylish touch—especially when imagined in a lightly weathered wood—but it can also filter out that grease and oil-clad air and keep your appliances looking fresher for longer. Yes, a hood is still important even with Mother Nature’s generous circulation.

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Perfect Cooking Nook

brandon architects
Manolo Langis

Outdoor kitchens might elicit visions of easy, breezy, and open spaces. However, if you want to make the most of yours, it’s a good idea to add walls and a ceiling to your setup. Brandon Architects teamed up with Brooke Wagner to create the ultimate indoor-outdoor space, complete with large serving windows.


All-Seasons Outdoor Kitchen

allison babcock
Matt Kisiday

Though outdoor kitchens are often associated with the summer, those who live in warmer climates might utilize this space year-round. But if you’d like to differentiate your space for each season, add some textural touches as Allison Babcock did here.


Poolside Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen
Stephen Karlisch

A kitchen is one of the most trafficked areas of any property, so it makes sense to position it next to your backyard’s “wow” factor. For ultimate convenience, Ten Plus Three placed this simple setup right next to their client’s pool. Dinner entertainment has never been so fun!

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Sunken Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen
Bob Canfield

If square footage comes at premium, consider adding a kitchen to your property’s underutilized areas. For example, Studio Schicketanz created a gorgeous outdoor kitchen in this side yard. Areas that need a lot of attention frequently turn out to be the best location for privacy and give you an opportunity to add some atmosphere to an underused space.


Chic Shelving Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas
Lauren Pressey

When designer Linda Hayslett was tasked with creating an outdoor kitchen, she wanted to make it as functional as possible. So she added upper cabinetry. “Every interior kitchen has cabinetry that houses these items, but most people don’t think of that for an outdoor kitchen,” she shares. “It can be cumbersome constantly going in and out when cooking on the grill, so having the same amenities outdoors can really make using an outdoor space feel more comfortable.”

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