Wallpaper has made a major comeback lately, so consider using it to update your kitchen with a fresh color and pattern. The best part about the trend is there are options for every budget and skill level, from easy peel-and-stick versions to personalized paintable wallpaper.

If you’ve been thinking about trying wallpaper, the kitchen is a great place to start. Thanks to appliances and upper cabinets, many have minimal open wall space, so you can get creative and make a style splash. Find inspiration among these kitchen wallpaper ideas and have fun dressing up your own space with this simple addition.

Matching Kitchen Wallpaper and Backsplash

Anne D. Schlechter

Make a major statement in a small kitchen by applying wallpaper that coincides with your backsplash. Keep them close in color and pattern size so they blend well together as these green and white patterns do. A beautiful botanical pattern lines the walls, while geometric-shaped tiles can be spotted between the counter and cabinets.

Neutral Kitchen Wallpaper

Werner Straube

If your aesthetic preference is more simplistic, opt for a neutral-toned wallpaper color, such as this one with a hexagon motif, that blends in with the rest of your kitchen yet still adds a delightful touch by way of an accent wall.

Marble Wallpapered Kitchen Cabinets

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Your kitchen cabinets don’t have to be see-through to enjoy the power of wallpaper. Anytime you open one to set the table, you’ll be greeted with a sweet sight. Choose a pattern you don’t usually see for wallpaper, like this marble style, and opt for a peel-and-stick version for a more accessible application.

Mimic Materials

Werner Straube

This romantic gray kitchen wallpaper, an unexpected design detail, creates an expensive baroque look for less. The shapely swirled pattern, which resembles marble from a distance, echoes the flourishes in the room’s chandelier, wall sconces, and curved quartzite backsplash. Crown molding distinguishes the kitchen borders.

Wallpapered Kitchen Accent Wall

Jay Wilde

Your kitchen may have an accent wall that serves as storage and seating. Update it with wallpaper featuring an oversized floral pattern in a soft watercolor palette. It’s subtle enough not to overwhelm the space but still packs a powerful design punch.

Wallpapered Breakfast Nook

Frances Janisch

Like a coffee bar, breakfast nooks are ideal for infusing a bit of whimsy with wallpaper while also designating it as its own area of the kitchen. Here, a tan Chinoiserie print is waiting to greet whoever sits to enjoy a meal at the banquette below.

Pink Kitchen Wallpaper

Helen Norman

Are you still in your Barbiecore era? We don’t blame you! Stick to a pale pink geometric-patterned wallpaper to infuse the color into the space and complement kitchen decor such as a pink-patterned rug, lined velvet dining chairs, and fresh-cut flowers.

Black and White Kitchen Wallpaper


There’s something supremely timeless about black-and-white kitchens, but there’s no reason you can’t shake up tradition in yours. The floor-to-ceiling black-and-white trellis-like patterned wallpaper livens up this space with retro undertones.

Textured Kitchen Wallpaper


This charcoal gray Chevron print paper is an unexpected and dramatic addition to any kitchen. If you choose dark-toned wallpaper with a textured look like this, keep the rest of the space minimal to avoid visually cluttering the room.

Blue Damask Kitchen Wallpaper

Edmund Barr

Conventionally seen in black, this blue version of damask-patterned wallpaper is refreshing when applied to a predominantly white kitchen. Similar to the red-patterned ceiling wallpaper we saw earlier, the motif matches the room’s blue details, such as the decor, servingware, and bar stools.

Abstract Kitchen Wallpaper

David Tsay

Turn your entire kitchen into a work of art by applying funky, black-and-white abstract pattern paper throughout it. Bonus points if you pair it with pink or another uncommon color choice for cabinets.

Nature-Inspired Kitchen Wallpaper

Michael Partenio

A leaf motif wallpaper in shades of yellow brings even more cheer into an already bright room. This accent wall also highlights the kitchen’s charmingly rustic vaulted ceiling.

Wallpapered Home Bar


The best way to design large, open kitchen layouts is to delegate sections to individual tasks. For example, if one corner of yours has a bar area, try wallpapering it to set it apart from the rest of the room. The soft-colored kaleidoscope-patterned paper seen here is understated yet will still draw attention from your party guests.

Dimensional Kitchen Wallpaper


Lay unique wallpaper on the inside of glass-front cabinets to create a striking yet subtle statement in your kitchen. The primarily black paper matches the glossy black cabinets, keeping it understated. However, the gold metal diamond shapes that lay over it make it a certified style standout.

Mosaic Kitchen Wallpaper

Better Homes & Gardens

A pale blue and white mosaic-patterned wallpaper is the perfect addition to this soft-colored kitchen. It blends seamlessly with the blonde cabinets, ties together the darker blue pendant lights, and gives the right amount of visual interest as a backsplash.

Watercolor Kitchen Wallpaper

Better Homes and Gardens

If you’re a fan of French country decor, try out a fabulous pattern such as this one. This cream-colored paper adorned with an oversized blue motif appears as though it’s been painted on the walls. Feel free to use it in a traditional style or a French-inspired kitchen.

Wallpapered Kitchen Ceiling

Sarah Alba

Don’t overlook the ceiling as a place to apply wallpaper in the kitchen, especially when there is little to no empty wall space. Here, a bold red and white patterned print on the ceiling ties in with the red kitchenware seen throughout the countertops and cabinets.

Partially Papered Kitchen

Kim Cornelison

With so many wallpaper options on the market today, choosing the perfect print can be tricky – unless you spot something as adorable as this peel-and-stick puppy pattern, which is a no-brainer. Bright yellow and white pop against the bottom half of the dark gray wall and give meaning to form and function.

Make a Statement

Edmund Barr

Go bold with an all-over kitchen wallpaper idea and choose a design that blooms with a garden motif. Traditional white cabinetry, marble countertops, and open shelves prevent the bright blue backdrop from overwhelming visitors. A painted green island and playful fruit artwork pick up the colors of the floral pattern.

Pair Kitchen Wallpaper with Accessories

Edmund Barr 

Continue the pattern of your kitchen wallpaper idea with coordinating artwork, accessories, and fabric for a cohesive design. The black and white kitchen wallpaper surrounding this space’s cottage cabinetry continues in the cushion of a curved banquette and highlights oil-rubbed bronze hardware. Brown kitchen tiles on the floor bring a welcome neutral to the patterned space.

Outfit Open Shelves

Robert Brinson

Shake up Shaker-style open cabinets with a pretty wallpaper backdrop or backsplash. Cut and measure your favorite design to fit the length of your cabinetry before installing the shelves. The rich espresso detail of this wallpaper increases the room’s depth and emphasizes neutral dishware.

Warm Up Whites

Tria Giovan

White countertops and kitchen cabinetry can quickly overwhelm a room and make it feel cold. Warm it up instantly with a high-contrast kitchen wallpaper idea surrounding the cabinets with inviting color. Small details, like gilded hardware, also elevate the look.

Play with Pattern

John Gruen

This kitchen wallpaper idea with a whimsical food theme adds charming detail to an otherwise neutral space. Apply it to a single accent wall, create kitchen borders, or wrap it around a butler’s pantry for some hidden pizazz. The present-day print helps modernize this kitchen.

Create Interest

Werner Straube

Play up big scale in a small space to create energy in a room, making an impact without going overboard. In this space, a whimsical oversized zebra wallcovering drives the neutral palette in this fun and fresh wet bar area, while a big chandelier adds formality.

Contrast Color

John Bessler

Just because you’ve featured color elsewhere in your space doesn’t mean you have to play it safe on your walls. Upgrade from dull white paint to a shiny, metallic, modern kitchen wallpaper for a look that complements the sleek style of a back-painted glass backsplash. Neutral white cabinets prevent the color from taking over.

Create a Focal Point


Make the area behind your island the focal point with vibrant florals. Buttery-yellow cabinets play off the rich red kitchen wallpaper and cool blue island in this historic home for an eclectic look in which each color stands out without clashing. A hardwood floor adds warmth.

Designate a Workplace

Michael Partenio

Create a kitchen desk area that’s both convenient and whimsical with a colorful wallpaper-covered bulletin board. Unlike wall tiles or paint, this kitchen wallpaper idea is easy to update. Look for discounted styles and change with the season; the easy revision won’t fade and is simple to secure.

Decorate a Range

Show off exactly where you found inspiration for your kitchen design. Here, a Parisian ambiance comes from a vintage map applied with wallpaper paste and covered with polyurethane.

Editor’s Tip

This idea works in other personal spaces, too. Try it for your next bathroom wallpaper, or bring it into the bedroom.

Marry Styles

Sarah Dorio

Unite the past and present with modern kitchen wallpaper ideas. Here, a contemporary geometric design balances a retro pendant light and old-school vinyl bar stools. Pops of cherry red unite all of the kitchen colors.

Showcase a Staircase

Richard Johnson

Wallpaper isn’t just for kitchen walls. Papering a nearby staircase with grasscloth wallpaper infuses an open kitchen plan with organic texture. The neutral backdrop allows custom woodwork and little touches of color to shine.

Choose a New Neutral

Werner Straube

Kitchen wallpaper with a sophisticated Moroccan pattern adds visual interest to this monochromatic butler’s pantry. The fresh stencil helps modernize a soapstone countertop and backsplash with authentic period charm.

Dress Up a Backsplash

Philip Harvey 

Pass up the geometry of tile or paneling—go for a fluid or organic look with a patterned wallpaper backsplash. In this contemporary kitchen, the damask design of the paper brings sinuous elegance to the hard edges of stainless steel and lacquered cabinets. Add a panel of clear tempered glass over the wallpaper for extra durability.

Kitchen Cabinet Wallpaper

Edmund Barr

Glass front door cabinets are a stunning way to display some of your most beloved dishes, servingware, and glasses. But if you want to spruce yours up, try applying a green and white lattice wallpaper to the inside and watch your pieces really pop.


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